Money got deducted from wallet but not added to the bank account? No need to worry!

07 Jan 2019


Money transfer, bill payments and financial transactions are some of the most essential things in our everyday lives. With online transactions gaining popularity, people rarely visit the banks and complete their fund transfers and bill payments online. However, with the changing lifestyle of the people, it is important that online transactions are made with few clicks, instead of visiting the banking websites or bill payment websites, every time a bill needs to be paid.

Mobile apps like the MyMoney app came as a saviour to address the need of the hour. These apps offer the customers ease of bill payment and money transfer, along with offering easy payment options in parking. These apps are handy and money transfer and transactions are done in just a few clicks, thus saving time and effort. Moreover, such user friendly apps can be used anytime and anywhere, irrespective of the bank or merchant's business hours, making it even more lucrative for the users.

These are few of the advantages and benefits that the in-app mobile payment solutions offer to the customers and users, resulting in easier and seamless transactions, along with maintaining a consolidated record of all the transactions made using the app. Moving around with cash or cards are inconvenient. Travelling to various merchants for bill payment, is also not possible practically in today’s busy life. Visiting various websites every month to pay a large number of bills is also not the most convenient and user friendly way. Hence, the best option that addresses all the issues is a mobile app that can be used to pay bill to a large number of merchants, along with pay and receive money immediately, as and when required.

In-app payment solutions indeed play a significant role in changing the daily lives of the people for the better.